Strategic Partners and Potential Stakeholders

Below sets out our Strategic Plan

Develop a strong sense of community pride in Cramlington

–Develop co-ordinated community events open and welcoming to all

–Consider themed markets

–Ensure consistent and positive promotion and communication of Cramlington in all local forums and with all sections of the community


Improve and enhance the profile and perception of Cramlington to those living/ working outside of the town

–Develop a marketing strategy in line with partner organisations

–Create strong links with and use the website for consistent message inside and outside Cramlington

–Links with transport hub

–Links with parking


Work with key stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of a Town Square

–Understand influencers plans for the Town Square; NCC, Advance Northumberland, CTC

–Identify how CDT can have a positive input to the co-ordinated development process


Work with key stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of a transport hub for the town

–Identify achievable enhancements to transport provision in Cramlington

–Work with stakeholders to deliver a project

–Invite key influencers to CDT meetings to identify CDT as an influencer and partner in developing the transport hub and to better understand the role of others


Work with key stakeholders to ensure appropriate parking for the town

–Understand links to Transport hub plans

–Identify potential land

–Work with owners/ stakeholders to secure land for town parking

–Bring together key stakeholders for constructive communication planning and implementation.