Corporate Governance

In the two tables below you will be able to see the areas of our Corporate Governance.

The first table outlining the key responsibilities of each aspect and the second showing which board member has lead responsibility for each aspect.

Aspect of corporate governance Key areas of responsibility
Finance Budget setting, cash flow monitoring, reconciliation, liaison with accountant/ bookkeeper
Income Generation Identification of funding streams, acquisition of funding- (e.g. grants, procurement, trading/sales ), significant links with marketing
Grant Funding Draft funding strategy, application co-ordination and submission to the Board and funders
People Management Line management for key staff, recruitment, disciplinary, appraisal, review, staff and volunteer training, review job descriptions, undertaking job evaluation, volunteer recruitment
PR/ Marketing Development of marketing strategy. Monitoring of marketing strategy, social media strategy
Governance Ensure that the Board adopts a strong governance model and adheres to an agreed governance calendar. Interface with appropriate legal bodies.
Operations General oversight of portfolio of active projects
Policies & Procedures Ensure key policies in place. Regular review programme for update and monitoring of procedures by the Board. NB Policy guidance paper available from SEN.
Strategic and Business Planning Driver for planning process, providing framework for Annual Strategic Review. Strategic Plan and Business Plans.
Property Management of any premises/ space rented by the Trust in the future.
Stakeholder Engagement Ensure organisation is fulfilling needs of stakeholders and stays `real and effective’.


Role of the Board Board member with lead responsibility
Finance Gerry Sothcott  supported by Ian Hall
Income Generation Gerry Sothcott supported by Ian Hall
Grant Funding Gerry Sothcott  supported by Ian Hall
People Management To be agreed when CDT develops further
PR/ Marketing
Governance and Policies & Procedures Leah Heatley & Ian Hall
Operations and oversight of major projects Peter Clayton
Strategic and Business Planning Ian Hall
Property Paul Reynolds
Stakeholder Engagement All  Members of the Board


Sector focus Board member with lead portfolio responsibility
Housing Paul Reynolds
Inward Investment Peter Clayton
Existing Industry
Existing Commerce Leah Heatley (Muckles Solicitors)
Existing Retail
Transport Gerry Sothcott
Education Ian Hall
Community Organisations & Charities Gerry Sothcott